Project History

This project started in 2015 after realizing I could not convert my old IC Dynamax ducted fan because a conversion kit did not exist. Having no desire to throw away a perfectly good ducted fan, I set out to design and produce conversion parts that would meet my needs. Initially, my intentions were to produce something suitable for a 15-18lb thrust fan. However, after some testing, I realized that the Dynamax could be pushed much further.

After some good results, I decided to make this kit available to the EDF community. Considering the length of time the Dynamax had been available on the market, it was natural to assume that there would be others with the need to convert their old glow powered Dynamax jets as well. With ever improving and increasingly affordable battery technology, there is every reason to make the jump from glow to electric. 

When the Dynamax fan was originally designed and produced by Tom Cook, the only thing available to power it was an O.S. Max or a Rossi Ducted Fan IC engine. Unfortunately, the maximum potential of the Dynamax could never be reached using IC engines due to their RPM and power limits. Thankfully, these limits are no longer a factor. Modern brushless motors and electronic speed controller technology provides a light weight and extremely powerful solution that was not imagined previously. This combined with 3D printing, product design is limited more by imagination than anything else.

So, wether you are looking for a light weight fan to replace a messy glow powered fan or a high power monster to fly 30lb jets with authority, look no further than the Dynamax. Explore all the options by scrolling down to see everything I have available. 

Click HERE to learn more about my testing methods.


Product Line


The DIY V1 Conversion Kit (12-18 lbs of Thrust)

Depending on the application and budget, existing fans that are in good condition, can be converted by the end user with the use of some common HET 50mm in-runner motors. These motors can be operated from 10s up to 15s based on the motor KV (see testing videos for specifics). Doing so will allow your old fans to come to life and produce 18+ lbs of thrust safely, efficiently, and without the mess of glow fuel.


Plug & Play Series for up to 35lbs of Thrust!

For those looking to fly sport jets that traditionally have required gas turbines, look no further than my custom built V2 and "CAT" series of plug and play fans that won't break the bank. These systems are built using quality custom TP Motors and INCLUDE appropriately sized Fliermodel ESC's. Click below to learn more:

"CAT 8" Power System: Up to 35 lbs Thrust on 22s


3D Printed Accessories

Thanks to 3D printing, we now have the ability to design, print, and use very complex shapes. Thanks to this technology, I have been able to expand the operating envelope of the Dynamax significantly. Whether using a low power setup or a high power setup, it is vital to provide the motors with the maximum amount of cooling possible. Click the link below to see everything that is available.

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