The "CAT 8" Fan (35lbs Thrust)

Designed for jets weighing 25-35lbs AUW

The "CAT 8" fan is designed for RC jets that can be built with an all up weight (AUW) between 30-35lbs pounds. Built using the TP-5690 series motors, this fan is more than capable of powering mid-sized turbine jets such as the Boomerang Sprint, Hot Spot, and CARF Rookie to name a few. Recommended battery voltage for this fan is either 20s or 22s. See below for performance specs.

This fan should be used with a 22s-24s ESC that is capable of at least 400amps. There are several manufacturers for such ESC's. My personal preference is to use the Fliermodel 22s/400amp ESC pictured below. I have found this ESC to be very reliable, efficient, and cool running both on the bench and in the air. 

Each fan is custom built to order, balanced, and tested before shipping. Please scroll down to see test videos of each setup and to determine which may be best for your project. Performance as shown in the videos was achieved using a 12" long exhaust duct with an exit diameter of approximately 4 inches. Using a longer exhaust duct or one with a different exit diameter will have an effect on performance. 

20s Specs (as tested):

Voltage: 20s (84v)

Thrust range: 28-32 lbs (assuming 100% FSA and proper exhaust ducting)

Power range: 10-13kw

Current range: 150-170 amps

Measured efflux: 260-280 mph

Fan weight : 4.12lbs 

22s Specs (as tested):

Voltage:  22s (92v)

Thrust: 35+lbs (assuming 100% FSA and proper exhaust ducting)

Power range: 13-15+kw 

Current range: 160-180amps

Measured efflux: 290+mph

Fan Weight : 4.12 lbs 

Pricing (shipping included)

-Fully assembled/balanced/tested fan with 3D Printed tailcone: $1150

-Fliermodel ESC can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Contact and ask for the 22s/400amp Airplane ESC.

Ordering Information

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to contact me if you are interested in purchasing this fan. Because each fan is custom built, it is important to discuss all the details with the customer. 

A non-refundable $50 deposit is required when placing the order. The remainder of the payment is due upon completion of the fan and prior to shipping.

Shipping time will be approximately 30-45 days from the time the order is placed. Shipping will be via USPS Priority mail with insurance.

22s fan Test Video

The 22s version of the "CAT 6" fan is intended for jets that can carry more weight (32+lbs) and need the additional power. This setup should be used with 10ah batteries. Doing so will allow for 5-6 minute flights with plenty of speed runs. 

Motor: TP5690-490kv

System weight (fan/ESC/3x8ah batteries): 15-18lbs

20s Fan test video

The 20s version of the "CAT 8" fan is designed for jets weighing less than 32lbs. This will make for a very efficient yet powerful combination that will allow for many turbine platforms to be converted to EDF use.

Motor: TP5690-530kv

System weight (fan/ESC/3x8ah batteries): 14.3lbs

18s "cat 6" powered boomerang sprint

This Boomerang Sprint is my primary test bed for the 18s fan. The total flying weight of this jet is slightly above 28 pounds with a maximum measured static thrust at takeoff nearing 29 pounds. I have clocked this jet using GPS at 150-165mph. My typical flight is 5-6 minutes long from takeoff to land with several speed runs as shown.

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