3D Printed Intake Accessories

NACA Ducts

NACA ducts are an industry standard in the aviation world for brining in cool air where required without adding unnecessary parasitic drag that would normally accompany a scoop type intake. 

These ducts are available in 3 different sizes to meet the needs of small to large aircraft. Click HERE to see the various sizing options and a link to purchase.

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Dynamax Intake Lip

In order to operate the Dynamax efficiently and provide the maximum amount of thrust possible for a given power input, it must be able to take in a sufficient amount of air. When using the Dynamax in an aircraft that does not use intake ducting, a bell mouth or curved intake lip must be used for undisturbed airflow. Without this, the fan will lose between 1 to 3 lbs of thrust. 

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3D Printed Exhaust Accessories

50mm Motor Tailcone

For best cooling, aerodynamic efficiency, and aesthetics, pair your V1 Dynamax EDF with a 3D printed tail cone that integrates with the heatsink provided in the conversion kit.  Testing has shown peak temperatures to be 40-50 degrees lower when using the tail cone. Click HERE for test video with the TC and HERE for a video without to 

see the difference. Available in a long and short length version.

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56mm & 58mm Tailcones

Specially designed to work with TP 56XX and 58XX series motors, these tailcones allow us to push these motors beyond specified limits and maintain internal temperature at less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures your fan and motors will run without issue for many, many flight. 

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Exhaust Duct

This exhaust duct was designed to increase the efflux (fan air velocity) generated by the fan. The proper shape and size was determined after testing several different sized ducts to find the optimal length and exhaust diameter. Using this exhaust duct helps to generate a higher thrust and efflux at reduced fan RPM while improving motor cooling when used in conjunction with my tailcones.

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